About Bureau

It is difficult to overestimate the power of beauty in the modern world. We appeal to this power to inspire the best to create great

We have already helped many in the fields of art, architecture, private aviation, aerospace, education, health, sports and ecology

We rely on a refined creative vision and are particularly strong at creating extraordinary visual experiences

We are collective of highly talented and ambitious creatives

Sergey Dergachenko
Cofounder & Design Director
Egor Fomin
Cofounder & New Business Director
Anton Styazhkin
Multidisciplinary Designer
Oleg Piven
CGI & Motion Designer 
Ilya Fedorov
UI & UX Designer
Alexander Grinev
Graphic Designer
Taya Lihosherst
UI & UX Designer
Svetlana Nemchenko

The language of beauty is universal, so we’ve been fortunate to work on projects from all over the world